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2019 WGC PGA Junior Golf League

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in the WGC PGA Junior Golf League.  With the weather finally beginning to cooperate, we are excited to start the season with some sunshine.  WGC will kick off our season officially on Tuesday, May 7 and will run through the middle of July.  The team will consist of between 8-14 juniors, but if we have enough participants we will start a second team.  The Age restrictions for the team are from 8-13 years old (exceptions can be made if the junior is deemed “course ready”.  Team practices will be held on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. and will run for 1.5 hours.  There will also be optional discounted tee times for PGA Junior League players and their families on Saturday afternoons from 4:00-4:30.   In talking with the other coaches matches will run primarily on Tuesday afternoons.  

Practice Days: Practice will start at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  We will meet at the putting green in front of the pro shop.  Practices will be structured to teach the juniors the format of and how to play team golf, learning basic golf fundamentals and most importantly having fun. 

Match Days:  The matches will begin at the beginning of June.  The dates of matches have not been released, but they will be scheduled on Tuesday afternoons.  During matches, juniors will be paired together in teams of two and will play a 2-person scramble until the ball is holed out (having fun is our priority, not score).  Matches consist of 9-holes that are broken down into 3-hole segments.  This way, the juniors will play multiple matches against multiple teams.  A 9-holes match will take around 2.5 hours to complete.

Attire:  Golf attire is requested, but not required.  Athletic clothing is perfectly fine.  A team jersey will be provided by the PGA Junior League as part of registration.  Team jerseys are mandatory on Match Days, but not on practice days.  Golf shoes or athletic walking shoes are preferable (something waterproof during May and early June would be a good idea as well).

Transportation:  Parents will be responsible for getting their junior to practices and to matches.  Carpooling is advised, but must be coordinated among parents.

Cost:  The cost comes out to $295 per player for the season.  This will include a team jersey, bag tag, access to practice range, golf course and restaurant during pracitce hours and instruction from PGA professionals.  Since the cost of the PGA Junior League only covers access to the driving range and golf course during practice and match times, we highly advise registering for our Whidbey Golf Club junior membership.  This membership allows junior access to facilities at all times and it's only $200 for the rest of the year!  If you have any questions about the junior membership please contact the proshop.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.     


Ryan Byrne

Assistant Golf Professional

Whidbey Golf Club

Pro Shop: (360) 675-5490.             Cell: (360) 631-2414      Email:


Conditions of Play Handbook:  CLICK HERE



2019 WGC Junior Golf Camps July 8-10 1-3pm & Aug 12-14 2-430pm

Each Session $75/Child



July 8-10,    1:00-3:00PM "Introduction to Golf"

Golf is a game for everyone!  This Class will focus on introducing juniors to the different clubs and swings they will use while on the golf course.  We will cover the basic fundamentals of each swing and when a golfer will use these respectively.

-Rules & Etiquette
    --Golf Course Safety
    --How to act while on the golf course
    --Taking care of the golf course 
    --Etiquette while on the green
    --Line vs. Pace
-Short Game
    --When to Putt, Chip or Pitch
    --Hitting the ball high vs. hitting the ball low
-Full Swing
    --Driving Range and Golf Course Safety


August 12-14,  2:00-4:30PM "Take it to the Course"

This course will focus on taking juniors off the driving range and getting them onto the golf course.  This class will see our primary focus on getting juniors on the golf course playing, practicing and experimenting with their golf games 
-Rules and Etiquette
    --How to act while on the course
    --Pre & Post Tournament etiquette
    --Practice vs. Tournaments
    --The putting stroke, Grip/Stance/Alignment
    --Introduction to reading greens
    --Lag putting
    --When to chip vs. when to pitch
    --Bunkers/hitting over trouble
-Full Swing
    --Hitting the Driver
    --Trouble shots


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